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Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden one year after eviction

One year ago yesterday, the two-month occupation of the Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden, a community garden in Deptford, in south east London, came to a violent end when bailiffs hired by Lewisham Council evicted the occupiers in a dawn raid.

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Squatter’s Digest: Greek edition

Greece, the home of democracy. And molotov cocktails. They also enjoy regular cocktail nights to raise money for the squats and imprisoned anarchists. It’s one thing to know what is going on inside the UK with regards to squats, but

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Barcelona: We reoccupied Ca La Trava

We have returned to Ca La Trava, now an empty plot, and we are not planning to leave. This space, until now closed, will again be open to the neighborhood, and we will defend it as we have defended our

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Cologne: Police intruded in Elster

After Deutsche Bahn (DB, German Railways) yesterday filed a criminal complaint against the occupation of Vogelsanger Str. 230, the police today gained access to the Elster 230 and recorded personal data of individuals*r. All this happens against the background that

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Tucson, AZ: Autonomous Mutual Aid Center & InfoShop Opens

In May we opened the doors to the Blacklidge Community Collective; an all inclusive, anarchist info shop and mutual aid center in so-called Tucson, Arizona. The BCC is a space for like-minded people who share a similar vision of the

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What went wrong for the municipalists in Spain?

On May 26, citizens across Spain went to the polls to vote in municipal and European elections. The results were widely seen as a setback to the municipalist wave that swept Spain’s major cities four years prior. Carlos Delclós published

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Bure (France): Forest reoccupied

Check the info points on for news, especially before coming on site. Next to Bure, France, Lejuc forest is reoccupied since the 18th of july at 14h. Many people have moved into the place, on the ground as well

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Amsterdam: Support the amazing OCCII!!

OCCII an awesome autonomous social in Amsterdam is doing a crowdfunding: 100% funded and still 30 days to go??!! We’ve been surprised and thrilled to see that within hardly 10 days into the campaign through donations from more than 250

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Amsterdam: Da Costastraat 137 got squatted

On Sunday 9 June, Da Costastraat 137H got squatted in Amsterdam. This apartment has been standing vacant for years. The home belongs to a person who has 22 properties on his name. There is also a limited company in his

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Rozbrat under threat

Rozbrat, an anarchist squatted space in Poland, has called for solidarity in face of eviction threat. Rozbrat is located in the western Poland city of Poznan. The property was squatted in 1994 and since then it became an alternative politics

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