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Macao: Collective activism

[This long read is from 2017 but gives useful background in English about Macao in Milan which is currently under threat] One of Europe’s most spectacular music venues is under threat. Christine Kakaire visits the former slaughterhouse in Milan to

Utrecht: Defend the Swamp

The state and the company Borghese are working hand in hand to turn the Swamp’s beautiful young forest into asphalt to then build a distribution centre and a bus remise, while there are alternative locations for these projects where the

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L’ancre noire is evicted, nothing is over, everything begins

L’ancre noir (the Black Anchor) was evicted during the truce which the delegation from the assembly of usages (organ of bureaucratic power on the ZAD) begged for at the prefecture last week, in exchange for some legal papers, the same

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Utrecht: Water tower squatters sentenced

Unfortunately the six squatters who occupied a water tower in Utrecht last October to mark 7 years since squatting was criminalised have received sentences this week. Instead of getting some valuable anarchist points for getting off their arses and doing

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ZAD: And what if Macron would finally shut his mouth?

Call for reinforcements from saturday, April 21st on the #ZAD at #NDDL Monday, 9th april, the evictions of la zad at Notre-Dame-des-Landes in fRance, began. We received a lot of support from everywhere and even beyond the French borders. A

Undocumented – a letter to de groene amsterdammer

Thanks for the extended article about the parallel world of undocumented fellow towns-men. Chris Keulemans sketches in the article a pretty complete image of the world in which people without documents try to live, both the daily reality as well

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Squatting against oppression: how refugees are fighting back against border controls

After surviving the perilous journey to Europe, migrants are met with two seemingly opposite responses. Increasingly, European governments are criminalising migration, militarising borders and expanding detention centres. Meanwhile, non-government organisations (NGOs) are reaching out to migrants offering food, clothes and

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