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Bure (France): Forest reoccupied

Check the info points on for news, especially before coming on site.

Next to Bure, France, Lejuc forest is reoccupied since the 18th of july at 14h. Many people have moved into the place, on the ground as well as in the trees to reaffirm their opposition to the project of radioactive waste burrying center Cigéo, to nuclear power and the industrial, colonial, military world that goes with it. The police forces that occupied this strategic location until then and protected Andra’s interests were forced to leave. From now on, we call for people to come here in Lejuc forest, as well as in Bure and Mandres-en-Barrois, two villages located two kilometers from the forest.
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Amsterdam: Support the amazing OCCII!!

OCCII an awesome autonomous social in Amsterdam is doing a crowdfunding:

100% funded and still 30 days to go??!!

We’ve been surprised and thrilled to see that within hardly 10 days into the campaign through donations from more than 250 people to have already the full amount of 10.00 euro we asked for, our campaign is 100% funded!

This surpassed our wildest dreams and we thank everyone that has already made a donation! However, being a DIY venue we have been humble in asking our supporters for financial help. The goal we set up is the bare minimum we need.

We decided to raise the current goal, it could give us the change to invest into the acoustics of the space. When viable we could then invest in new monitors, mixer, some new durable mics and cables all needed to increase the sound experience at the venue. For our visitors and performers alike!
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Amsterdam: Da Costastraat 137 got squatted

On Sunday 9 June, Da Costastraat 137H got squatted in Amsterdam. This apartment has been standing vacant for years. The home belongs to a person who has 22 properties on his name. There is also a limited company in his name, which has a further 99 properties.

The main reason that we did this action was to provide ourselves with living space. We would be happy to rent the property for a reasonable price. Yet there are still a number of points that we want to make.

In the Oud-West district, the up to 14 year waiting time for a social rent home is disproportionate. Oud-West is therefore one of the neighbourhoods where the number of social rent properties has long fallen below the lower limit of 35%. Below this level you don’t have a mixed neighborhood. Unfortunately, this is already the reality in large swathes of the city. The lower limit has already been passed in (most parts of) Centrum, West, Zuid, en Ijburg. In West it is not only about Oud-West but also De Baarsjes. This is an issue we are very concerned about.

A significant example is the wasteland on the Jan Pieter Heijestraat, where 35 social rent units were demolished back in 2009. Instead of new homes coming in their place, it turned out the pla was to build a hotel. Now, 10 years later, this terrain is still not developed.

Recently, the neighbourhood has been hit hard by gentrification. With shitty marketing tricks such as the Hallenkwartier project, the district has been sold for a song and it becomes increasingly unaffordable. The city is becoming a sort of amusement park for tourists and big money, with the residents always coming last. The poorest people are (like normal) the hardest hit. Thye might be permitted to work in the city, but decent housing is too much to ask.

Despite all this, through taking matters into our own hands we now have a temporary solution for housing and we are giving an apartment some life again.

Translated from the Dutch

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Rozbrat under threat

Rozbrat, an anarchist squatted space in Poland, has called for solidarity in face of eviction threat.

Rozbrat is located in the western Poland city of Poznan. The property was squatted in 1994 and since then it became an alternative politics and cultural centre. It also serves as a home for over 20 people, and is both temporary and permanent shelter for homeless people.
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Zurich: House occupied on Bachtobelstrasse

A house on the Bachtobelstrasse 102 in Zurich was occupied on 28 May. We ain’t moving and we would like to thank all those who came by or otherwise gave us solidarity.

The house is still under threat. The so-called owner wants to demolish it. We do not and will not accept this.

If you want to support us, please contact ambach [at] tutanota [dot] com or just pass by.

Wir bleiben alle!

Article on Barrikade, Translated by PazTrez

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Police persecution, so normal in Catalonia…

The police station of the Mossos d’Esquadra of Banyoles demonstrate their commitment to the repression against the anarchists. At the moment they act under the pseudonym of traffic police but make it clear who they are trying to intimidate by their worst gunmen on duty… as it is not pure chance that they stop and threaten the same person 3 times in a week. This same comrade also
suffers persecution by secret-police officers in Barcelona…so clumsy that it´s difficult not to recognize them, as for example last Tuesday, May 28th (15.40h; c/Nació; Clot).
One of the gunmen from Banyoles cops was already known to us as he once pointed his gun at our comrade, 7 years ago, with no reason in a traffic control (exit AP-7 Girona Nord) and then threatened to kill him! Logically he refused to give his badge number then but now threatens to fine the comrade between 600 and 30.000 Euro for not having a Spanish residence and driving a car registered in his country of origin in the EU… (anything is possible with the Gag Law!).
Also recently the cops appeared several times at his home (a house in the countryside) which gives the suspicion that he is being investigated “at ground” to fuck up his life again after evicting his squat one year ago (Kan Bici).
Being consistent with your ideas can be dangerous in this country already that even the “alternative” bars are full of secret-cops and police “out of service” to control what cooks and talks, what consume and who knows whom.
This is how free we can feel until the opposite is proved…
800 reasons to rebel against all domination and authority!
Health & Anarchy
See you at Agro-Crust IX (11th to 14th July 2019)
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South Africa: Break-in at the Abahlali baseMjondolo Office

This morning we arrived at our office, which is in the Diakonia Centre in
central Durban, to find that there had been a break in last night. The hard
drives of two computers, an external hard drive and the keys to our safe
were taken. The cash in the safe was not touched and other easily saleable
items, like our microwave, television, cameras and mobile sound system were
not taken.

It was clear that the thieves were looking for information, not money. One
of the hard drives that they took is old and would have very little resale
value. However, the two hard drives, and the external hard drive that were
taken, do contain lots of information about our movement, including the
audited database of our membership which is a spreadsheet with every
members’ name, age, phone number, ID or passport number and other details,
details of all our branches, our correspondence with other progressive
organisations in South Africa and elsewhere in the world, and so on.

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JaKra! is initiated by KSU Den Haag (The Hague Squatting Info Centre). In this book project we would like to look back on a number of developments and events in the past year, together with squatters and housing activists in different places. By sharing some of our successes and setbacks on an annual basis, we hope to contribute to creating more involvement and solidarity between activists from all over. In the book you’ll also find background articles and helpful info concerning squatting and housing struggles.


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Athens: Squat evacuation, the “gentle” arm of the Left’s repression

We can see clearly how SYRIZA is managing power. That’s why we ought to prepare ourselves for the next stages of this repressive offense.

[Originally published by Athens Indymedia.]

There is an undeniable fact. Counting the evacuated squats during the last few days in Exarcheia by police operations, the total number of evacuated squats in all of Greece during the last three years of Siriza’s administration far surpasses those evacuated by the governments of Nea Demokratia and Pasok during many past terms. Still, this kind of effective repressive policy maintains the mantle of “tolerance”, even that of “impunity”. This is convenient for both SYRIZA who maintains a leftist foreground and the right wing, which depends on the doctrine of “law and order”. Yet, above all, this is convenient for the state. The state continues to neatly intervene, while making it seem like it is not so.The social-democratic repression has always been thus way. We need just remember what elected government violated the academic asylum in 1995 with 520 arrests, or which government committed the atrocitious arrests of the “17 of November” .Exarcheia is the next target, the rest of the squats everywhere are the next target and even organizations and individual fighters.The evacuation of these last five squats in Exarcheia comes at a time when two facts converge. On the one hand the immigrant problem has left the spotlight and as a result the possibility of social outcries (eg immigrants in syntagma square) are reduced, on the other hand exarcheia is in the eye of the storm. This is due to the very real crisis the neighborhood is experiencing and also due to it being continuously targeted by the governmental forces.But we should not fool ourselves. Aside from the excuses the state uses to attack, the target remains the same, to silence every voice of resistance inside and outside Exarcheia or Athens. Evidently, squats are being threatened in other cities like Thesaloniki. At the same time, in the sidelines, the immigrants’ hardships continue with people still being stacked atop each other in concentration camps while others roam about -paperless- in the metropolitan ghetto, part of which is also Exarcheia. The creation of disheartening conditions is what the state offers to the social base of locals and immigrants. This functions as the basis of illegal capitalism, meaning drug cartels, trafficking rings, and antisocial illicitness.Aside from the main governmental narrative of “crime hubs”, we chose to remember the most prominent narrative of the state. That which talks of a welfare state that ensures that people who have reached here evading either starvation and/or war do not live like rodents.

That second narrative is the one anarchists were never convinced of. The answer on behalf of a large part of the movement to the emergence of the immigration crisis was to house thousands of desperate people who would otherwise be dying in the city parks, utilizing self organization and zero resources. That is the answer that should never be ignored when talking about exarcheia today and the so-called “crime hub”.

We can see clearly how SYRIZA is managing power. That’s why we ought to prepare ourselves for the next stages of this repressive offense. Anarchist struggle encompasses this front as well. As it also encompasses the front of solidarity for our working class brothers and sisters uprooted from their home, now living imprisoned either behind barbed wire or in the metropolitan ghetto. It also contains the fight against illegal capitalism and the dystopic conditions it produces at local level.We have to do all that is necessary in order to chop off the “gentle hand” of the left government’s repression.

Anarchist Federation, Athens district, May 6, 2019

Anarchist Federation: Squat evacuation, the “gentle” arm of the Left’s repression

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Anti-Terrorist Operation against Anarchism in Madrid

On the morning of May 13, a new antiterrorist operation against anarchism struck in Tetuán (Madrid).

The anarchist space ‘The Ambush’ [La Emboscada] and another squatter home were searched by members of the brigada de información [political police/special branch] and a squad of the anti-riot division. The operation ended with two people arrested.

In our minds are the operations of Pandora, Piñata, Ice and the operation that still keeps Lisa behind bars. More recently the European police operations in response to the revolt in Hamburg against the G20, or the arrests of last October 29, 2018 in Madrid…

In short: the blows of the State against the struggle. Faced with this, affection, solidarity, networks of affinity and the desire to never give up are weapons against fear and repression.

Stay tuned for more information and calls.

Neither innocent nor guilty!
Solidarity and struggle!

Anti-Terrorist Operation against Anarchism in Madrid (Spain)

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