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SqEk Catania 13-17 June 2018

The schedule for the forthcoming SqEK meeting in Catania, Sicily, is now online. You can find it here.

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ZAD: Until where will we go with this scam of negotiations?

I haven’t signed the files project nor do i believe in negociation with a State. I don’t want to discuss with this oppressor, i just simply and only want to destroy it. But still I feel concerned by this process of legalisation that includes almost all lands and sites on ZAD, this area that I see as a whole and not only as my little home, this last one today being destroyed anyways.
We’re calling negociations the injuctions of the prefect, while I really don’t see when have we been negociating. When have we won any advantage of this situation? When have we said anything else than “Yes yes madam, we’re scared, we’re nice people!”? And today again it’s still a topic to go and sign the (agricultural) projects, without even waiting for the ones not accepted yet?! One more time, our famous limit of when will we stop being cheated is pushed further.
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We are about to squat

#besetzen (#squat #occupy)

We hereby inform you, that we, self-determined Berliners, will no longer accept the stupidity of empty houses, poverty, evictions and lack of space to live in. Soon, we are going to take back the houses. We want to encourage all of you to realise your secret dreams of living without profit. We ask for solidarity for activists and neighbours and to join in and reject the logics of rents and ownership.

We have nothing to lose but our next rent-increase.

The City of the Wealthy

We oppose the city of the rich. In their city, every flat, every place, every park, and every moral is adjusted to those who are able to afford it. Most Berliners, us included, are not rich. Quite the opposite. Of all federal states, Berlin has seen the biggest increase in poverty. That is directly related to the ‘System Rent’, which re-distributes money from the bottom to the top. We fight the ruling authoritarian ideas from economic players and politics, valorising every square meter. Preventing this nightmare has nothing to do with despising the well-off. We are simply opposed to the fact that social participation stems from income as well as social and cultural background. The poor, Homeless, refugees, the old, they do not fit into the city of the rich.

This is why we fight for…

…a City from below.

It lives in the heads of people and is taking shape in local gatherings, collective movements, economies in solidarity and neighbourhood-centres. Here, problems are faced contrary to capitalist incentives and needs are focused. We stand for the right to choose one’s own living situation and organise it in and around the neighbourhood. To gather and resist means to stand up for one’s needs and is the social alternative to an expensive city. An alternative to a city in which we are so busy working, our flats only serve as a place to sleep and the coming-together with neighbours becomes impossible. The options of leaving, working more or social isolation is a choice between pest and cholera. Fighting for a city in solidarity on the other hand, means not giving in to gentrification. The city from below is a struggle, also against the laws that protect owners and bosses.


We fail at finding spaces for non-commercial living while being offered one room flats for 700€, meanwhile, apartments and buildings next door remain empty. The government could expropriate speculators. But why should they, when evictions improve their social statistics but they don’t see the lives behind the statistics. Leaving expropriation to the parties that sold this city in the first place is not an option for us. For that reason, we will take our future into our own hands. This spring, we will take the space we need. We will squat the houses and our share of the square meters to withdraw it from the logic of speculation and ownership. We are going to take the consecutive step toward a self-determined city from below populated with people who shape their districts and spaces themselves.


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ZAD: We are already dead … but still breathing

Some scattered thoughts as we pause and take stock of the situation before May 14

To quote Durruti, “It’s not the barricade but the rifle you have to hold on to.” If you lose the barricade (e.g., the ZAD, a squat, a particular engagement with the state) but retain the rifle (the collective ability to fight, immunity to narratives that legitimize state violence, a commitment to solidarity over opportunism), you can still move from one engagement to the next, building capacity. If you lose the rifle, but retain the barricade, it may appear that you have won, but thirty years later you will look around and find that you are where the once-formidable Dutch squatting movement is today.
Crimethinc – One but Many Movements

I was zipping through the recent Crimethinc commentary on the ZAD internal conflicts when I hit this quote and had to stop to laugh.
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L’ancre noire is evicted, nothing is over, everything begins

L’ancre noir (the Black Anchor) was evicted during the truce which the delegation from the assembly of usages (organ of bureaucratic power on the ZAD) begged for at the prefecture last week, in exchange for some legal papers, the same ones as the henchmen of the state were handing to those arrested last week, in the form of a bad joke that becomes more and more reality …”this paper is the price of your liberty.”

The state, we know what it is and what it does to people and spaces that deny its authority, since it began. The rebels, these people and these spaces (some of which also represent new or old states) have a similar historical tendency to confront the offensives of the State until they collapse, or until their disappearance or assimilation.
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ZAD: The revenge against the commons

The Revenge against the Commons of the zad or Why France’s biggest police operation since May 68 is prepared to kill for Macron’s Neoliberal Nightmare.

This is a long read by one of the inhabitants of the Zad, about the the fortnight rollercoaster of rural riots that has just taken place to evict the liberated territory of the zad. It’s been incredibly intense and hard to find a moment to write, but we did our best. This is simply one viewpoint, there are over 1000 people on the zone at the moment and every one of them could tell a different story. Thank you for all the friends and comrades who helped by sharing their stories, rebel spirits and lemon juice against the tear gas.

See the original text with lots of fotos

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The art of the barricade

There’s an amazing post on of photos of barricades from the ZAD

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Nazi Squatters Fuck Off


On Saturday April 22 2018, some muppets from the latest flavour of a small neo-nazi group “squatted” a house in Amsterdam Oost. They did this to “protest” at We Are Here, a group of undocumented migrants who have been squatting in Amsterdam for the last five years and who successfully occupied twenty houses in Oost at Easter. The nazis were demanding that all the undocumented migrants be evicted and arrested (“islamists go home”).

They had been threatening to take action for a few days, burning banner, talking crap and so on. Antifa Amsterdam had already been monitoring them. In the end, the five nazis took a house given to them by an antisquatter and were immediately confronted by a large angry mob who tried to kick the door in, broke windows and threw fireworks. The police told the muppets to leave (and they did!), Camelot the antisquat company immediately cancelled the antisquatter’s contract and the house was boarded up. Result! Even if it’s a bit strange to sympathise with the evicters for once rather than the evictees (in the Netherlands i mean, there’s lots of shit squatting going on worldwide eg zionists in Palestine).

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ZAD: message from those who haven’t submitted statements

On the 19th of April, a few of us were not only informed without much notice, but also by chance that there was a callout for a meeting at Le Camps des Chevaux Blancs. The discussion was around the state of negociations after the refusal by the government of the COP globale*. This is yet another attempt in a long list of attempts to destroy the collective running of the ZAD, this time thanks to a submission of statements for individual projects, nominative yet inter-dependent.

A certain number of us prefered to not or to no longer adhere to these “stunts” and so we got together today to try and explain why.
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One but Many Movements Two Translations from the ZAD on Isolation, Division, and Pacification

From Crimethinc: Two weeks ago, thousands of French police attacked the ZAD—the Zone a Défendre (Zone To Defend)—an occupied area in which the French government tried for decades to build a widely unpopular airport. Yet every conflict conceals other conflicts within it. Inside the movement, there have been bitter differences about how to deal with power dynamics, whether to negotiate with the authorities, and how to resist the divide-and-conquer tactics of the state.

For more background on the ZAD, read our historical study, “La ZAD: Another End of the World Is Possible—Learning from 50 Years of Struggle at Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

In the US, we have watched the struggle around the ZAD without presuming to understand all the factors at play. Yet the debates taking place there have spilled over to our side of the Atlantic as well. In hopes of helping other rebels who may confront similar challenges to think through the nuances in advance, we’ve translated two texts from different sides of these debates, “ZAD: Second Round” and “When Lama Fâché, Llama Spit!” Both appear below with annotations.

Read the rest over at Crimethinc with their traditional nice fotos…

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