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Squatting is alive in The Hague

For who havent heard, the squatting assistence hour in The Hague has been started again! We are open since a few weeks in a new squatter office on the Spui 277. We are very enthousiastic to receive people who are interested in squatting!
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Bonn: Iranian Embassy Squatted, Evicted

The former Iranian embassy in Bonn was recently squatted in solidarity with political activism, feminist struggles and prisoner rights in Iran. Unfortunately it has now been evicted. It was occupied on International Women’s Day, Thursday March 8, and was raided by over one hundred riot cops one week later.

Apparently the building no longer had special status since the embassy had moved to Berlin and had been empty for twenty years since the reunification of Germany. Mainstream media in Germany and Iran (including the Tehran Times!) reported that four “opportunists” had been removed and it was unclear if they would face any charges. You can read the manifesto of the squatters on the Institut für Anarchismusforschung blog below and follow them on twitter. Underneath is a mainstream media film about the action.

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Intersquat Block at the chaos and discussion days

Intersquat Block at the chaos and discussion days in Rigaerstraße Berlin 10.5. -13.5.2018

You’re invited to an Intersquat Block at the Chaos and Discussiondays in May in Berlin. We want to offer the space for an exchange on our tactics and techniques, discussions and information within the Chaos and Discussiondays at Rigaerstrasse.
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Greece: police raid three anarchist squats in Athens

At early hours of Monday March 12, a coordinated police operation to clear out three anarchist squats in central Athens has resulted in arrests and evictions of the properties.

The three raided squats are Gare, Zaimi in Exarcheia and Matrozou. Matrozou residents have put up a fight, and as a result, 12 people were arrested and are facing charges for explosives possession.
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Squatting Everywhere Konference conference 2018


The SqEK meeting will take place in Catania (Sicily) from 13th June to 17th June 2018. The main purpose of the coming SqEK meeting is to share experiences and studies in fields that are of interest for both sqekkers and activists. Sharing knowledge and experiences may, on the one hand, help activists in improving their instruments to deal with specific political issues and, on the other hand, may also help sqekkers to know better the context of radical squatting in Catania in particular, and to improve the way in which local activists contexts should be addressed, more in general.Therefore, the contents here proposed are the outcome of the discussion between Sqek and activists.
The contents of the meeting are divided into seven different groups.
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Anarchist Studies Conference September 2018

Anarchist Studies Network // 5th International Conference // 12-14 September 2018 // Loughborough University, U.K.

Call for Papers and Panels

The fight against domination and destruction continues under heavy clouds. A global wave of resistance has once again been met with reaction, as elites turn to barefaced nationalism, racism and misogyny.
For the world’s majority, such oppression is neither surprising nor new, given the enduring legacy of colonialism and by-now-established forms of neo-colonial exploitation. Meanwhile, hegemonic discourses show a frustrating capacity to co-opt and neutralise: converting
anti-capitalism into welfare-populism, ecological resistance into green consumption, and militant intersectionality into liberal identity politics. Anarchist literature and organising are not automatically immune to these problems; posing ideas and practices that are radically
free from domination requires critical reflection on assumptions and truths, including one?s own. Despite challenges, anarchists have sustained and grown multiple sites of resistance as well as constructive projects, while boldly spearheading the confrontation with the far
right. Confident that the tide will turn again, the flame remains kindled. Read more ›

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Meet the new solidarity structure – International Anarchist Defence Fund

Worldwide the forces of repression are cracking down on anarchists. In the summer of 2017 a few activists discussed the idea of creating an International Anarchist Defense Fund (A-Fund) and today it’s finally in action.
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Calais – Police attack migrant camp

In the afternoon of 7 January, police raided a small migrant camp near an old Lidl. Friends who were there wrote about the event from their experience:
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Ohlauer evicted

Gerhart-Hauptmann Schule, a school building on Ohlauer Straße in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district squatted in 2012 by a group of refugees and activists, was evicted today [jan11].
The vacant school was first occupied during a particularly harsh Winter in December 2012 in order to house homeless refugees camping at Berlin’s streets. Initially, the occupation was tolerated by the district office Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, and it housed hundreds of people. In 2014, 211 refugees were registered as residents of the school. In the months since the announcement that the building is scheduled for eviction, this number decreased.
Apart for providing housing for refugees, the school was a home for various activist groups, primarily those working with migrants, but also those campaigning against gentrification. Read more ›

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[Zine] Protect our farmland


At this point converges the double misfortune of the economy and the State: by caching civil war inside each person, the modern State put everyone at war against himself. This is where we begin.

– Tiqqun, Introduction to Civil War

In 1996 Henderson Property Development Limited began strategically purchasing farmland from farmers in Ma Shi Po Village using questionable methods.

Over 10 years later, the Chief Executive of Hong Kong announced in his 2007-2008 Policy Address the urbanization of three areas that includes Fanling North, where Ma Shi Po Village is located.

In two subsequent public consultations, the Town Planning Board, a statutory body of the government, received 50,000 letters opposing the government’s North East New Territories Development Plan and only seven letters in support.

The government failed to represent public interest and instead opted for developer hegemony and structural violence in pursuit of its geopolitical agenda.

When facing injustice, what can each one of us do?

This zine documents the land squatting action between 2nd and 13th June 2016.

Full zine:

Or download the entire journal issue (pdf)

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