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[GR] Occupied gym evicted and demolished

On Tuesday morning a bulldozer (with agreement of the owner of course) demolished squat in Exarchia, Athens, which was acting as the only occupied gym in the city. No one was arrested. Workers worked on the building while riot police was on alert and protecting the area.

The squat was occupied last December, while the abandoned building was empty for last 10 years. Comrades organized in squat classes mainly in martial arts (box, Muay Thai, taekwondo) but also Latin dance and yoga. The squat acted also as a space for political debates especially on prison system, and showed a meaningful support for political prisoners.


Dijon: large refugee squat evicted

Yesterday early morning French police, with assistance from border police evicted the XXL Squat in Dijon, where about hundred asylum seekers lived. During the eviction, twenty-four people were detained by the border police. The eviction was enforced despite of the ongoing negotiations with the property owner.

The building have been occupied  since August 2016. Apart for providing home to many people, it also hosted a number of projects, including French language classes and legal assistance group, medical and social spaces.

Since May, the activists from local migrant support collective Soutien Asile 21 were negotiating the purchase of the building with its owner. The authorities had been aware of this fact since 20th June.

Soutien Asile 21 issued a statement:

Once again, the state and the government force asylum seekers to be extremely precarious (confiscation of their belongings, sorting and selection for relocation offers, atomization of the forms of self-organization of everyday life, risk of being left homeless, endangering minors …).

This occupation was part of a Dijonese movement of support for migrants, which has been working since the opening of the first place in November 2011 to offer temporary housing in buildings which have been left empty and abandoned.

These gestures of solidarity to migrants address the inadequacy of institutional accommodation arrangements and the urgency of often dramatic situations experienced by people in exile who cross our territories. (…)

Faced with the hardening of the national migration policy that is translated to almost systematic refusals of asylum, in the face of the regular and growing stigmatization of migrants, we reaffirm our total solidarity with all migrants and our undisputed will to will to suppier and welcome them.

The newly homeless people were temporarily hosted by two self-managed spaces: Des Tanneries and  Free District Lentillères, until more permanent space can be found. The local activists plan to requisition more buildings to house the evicted.

SLAP – Squatters Of London Action Paper – Issues 8 & 9

SLAP – (Squatters of London Action Paper) is a DIY newspaper for squatters in London. It is available in print at your nerest local squat and online as a PDF. The paper combines news, pictures, analysis, events and humour and aims to strengthen connections between squatters in London in order to encourage direct actions and other forms of anarchist organising within the squat scene.

Paper copies available now from Freedom Bookshop (Whitechapel), 56a Infoshop (Elephant and Castle) and all good squat collectives.


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Occupy ICE Portland: Another Perspective

A nebulous line exists between reality and dreams. This line, like any other border, is itself unreal. We know that our dreams can and do become reality. Thoughts become deeds. Lies, told often enough, are considered true. Those in power absorb radical messages (even #AbolishICE) and twist them into new horrors. How do we intervene when our words and actions will be used against us?

With this analysis, we hope to add to conversations that are occurring all around the world. We encourage strategic thinking and storytelling, mourning, celebration, hostility, and rest. We will explore three key issues within the Portland occupation and other Occupy movements. We hope that you can find ways these relate to your local movement or occupation and perhaps to other situations moving forward.
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Portland: A Look Back on the First Few Weeks of OccupyICE

A critical look back on the first two weeks of the #OccupyICE occupation in Portland, Oregon.

On Sunday June 17th, seven brave souls showed up to the ICE facility on SW Macadam Ave in Portland, Oregon. These seven revolutionaries decided that night to sleep on the sidewalks, blocking the ICE gestapo from their daily kidnapping and concentration camp duties. That night the call went out and on Monday our numbers surged to fifty plus. This small group of anarchists, radical leftists, and revolutionary minded folks resolved to block the ICE driveway. DHS agents threatened arrest and even pleaded with us unironically that they “just wanted to get home to their families.” We didn’t give an inch and in the coming days our numbers continued to grow.

What started out as a couple tents and a few people turned into a sprawling tent city with hundreds of people within a few days. With little to no direction or formal organizing structure, autonomous individuals took to community building. A highly functioning kitchen, med tent, child care, mental health, free store, security team, and more were flawlessly executed to create a makeshift anarcho commune. The spirit of the camp was undeniable and the solidarity in building the camp was inspiring. All the while still keeping ICE pigs from doing their job.
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Book release – Squatting the Grey City

Squatting the Grey City (ISBN 9780244385804)

Rotterdam has a rich and diverse history of squatting. As well as countless houses, many venues and other projects came from the movement. If you know where to look, the city is full of stories.

This book will give you one version of this colourful past, from one squat researcher’s perspective. Read about everything from the Aktiekomittee Progastarbeiders to Zines, with loads of pictures and activist analysis in between.

You are guaranteed to learn something new about this grey city and the squatters movement which even now bubbles away within it.

Free epub / pdf on the, paper version for sale

Anarchist Libraries

Behind every project there is one or more individuals. Fairly large projects don’t grow by themselves. They need love and passion. When there is no more love, it’s time to move on and build something else.

This project,, forks off from The Anarchist Library project, and serves as an international platform for anarchist sites focusing on publishing and archiving texts.

I’ve been involved with The Anarchist Library since the very beginning, formatting texts, building the libraries’ software and assisting in the creation of new ones in languages other than English.
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Aachen: Muffeter Weg 5 squatted

Machine translation from deutsch

Invitation to the resistant action week

Today, on 30.06.2018, the Muffeter Weg 5 in Aachen was occupied. It is planned to stay in the vacant building for a week. This week will be filled with all sorts of activities and space to meet, learn, try, network, make, fight, talk, read, celebrate or whatever comes to mind!

We invite all interested parties to come along and help shape. There is enough space – bring your friends / family / neighbors with you and make you a nice time or organize workshops, discussions, concerts, actions or whatever you feel like!

Why occupy?
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In solidarity with Studentato 95100 in Catania

On Monday June 25, it was suddenly announced that the occupied student housing block in Catania (studentato 95100) would be evicted immediately, on grounds of public order. People made barricades on the street (see pictures) and saw off the eviction threat.

The block was squatted in February 2018 after being empty for ten years. In the last six months the owner (Ursino Recupero) had made no attempt to contact the students, who have self-organised their accommodation since the university fails to provide it. As well as giving people a place to stay, the block has provided a study room, organised social events and hosted conferences on social movements, including the SqEK 2018 conference.

To respond to this unexpected threat, supporters of the student block have occupied a library which is also owned by Ursino Recupero at Monastero dei Bendettini.

Residents of ADM take the municipality of Amsterdam to court

Today, the residents of the cultural free-haven ADM summoned the Amsterdam municipality in ‘Kort Geding’ (=> interim proceedings). They are claiming that Amsterdam enforces the perpetual clause in the purchase contract and thus prevents the public- and social interests of Amsterdam from being damaged by hundreds of millions.
More background information:

The terrain was purchased by Chidda Real Estate LLC in 1997 with the proviso that the municipality of Amsterdam always has the first right of repurchase and that only an authentic shipyard can be established on the 42-hectare terrain.
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