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Squatnet communiqué

Dear comrades,

As you probably already noticed, the Squat!Net server has not been
functioning very well for a while now. There are a number of reasons for
this: the hardware is old and nearing the end of its life, the collective
doesn’t have much energy to maintain the service and the software we use
to run the server is pretty outdated. Last week, one of the mailaccounts
was abused to send tons of spam into the world. This resulted in the
mailserver crippling under the amount of mail being sent, our server
address ending up on blacklists of known spammers, and lots of your
valid e-mails being delayed, sometimes for days, or not delivered at all.
These problems have by now been resolved and mail is flowing as usual
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Utrecht: Water tower squatters sentenced

Unfortunately the six squatters who occupied a water tower in Utrecht last October to mark 7 years since squatting was criminalised have received sentences this week. Instead of getting some valuable anarchist points for getting off their arses and doing something, they received fines of 500 euros each and one person was given a week of free accommodation courtesy of the king. No news on the person who was arrested at the eviction for insulting the police.

The person writing this thinks it is important to help these people with crowdfunding the fines or to write to the person in jail. Sadly, there is nothing anywhere about support, so if you know something please put something on or email Much better to organise a benefit fundraiser than to be gossiping about the Appelscha fiasco! Also big up the Amsterdam antifa for evicting the Nazis this weekend 🙂

Utrecht: Water tower squatters sentenced

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Amsterdam: Antifa activists forced Generation Identity fascists to leave “squat”

Amsterdam: Antifa activists forced Generation Identity fascists to leave “squat”

Netherlands: Generation Identity fascists claimed to have squatted an apartment next to the “We Are Here” refugee squats in Amsterdam. Squatted or not, the fascists had to leave after antifa activists attacked the fascists in their “squat”.

The Generation Identity claimed that they had squatted a house in the Rudolf Dieselstraat in Amsterdam, Netherlands. But the city council of Ymere in Amsterdam’s Watergraafsmeer district, denied that the house was squatted. The fascists were invited by somebody who has a temporary rent contract to avoid a squatting action. [It was a Camelot antisquat, they immediately cancelled the contract]
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ZAD: And what if Macron would finally shut his mouth?

Call for reinforcements from saturday, April 21st on the #ZAD at #NDDL

Monday, 9th april, the evictions of la zad at Notre-Dame-des-Landes in fRance, began. We received a lot of support from everywhere and even beyond the French borders. A new deadline before total eviction of la ZAD was imposed for the 23rd of April. Namely, the squaters must leave a territory that they have liberated and defended with their hearts and their deepest convictions.

Call for a meeting to put a beating to the state as it should, here or elsewhere, make our voices heard, it’s a good spring to make barricades bloom. Put on your helmet, your gas mask, your gloves and join us.

They are trying to scare us, but do not back down, let us continue together to build a future of solidarity.

We did not choose to be born, but we can become who we want. The zad must not return to the state. She must remain a space for us all.

Let’s be there this weekend, the party may be great.

ZAD NDDL: Communique from the Assembly of Usages

Communique from the Assembly of Usages of the zad, following some dialogue and threats of new evictions

Today the delegation of the movement, during a meeting with the préfecture ( representative of the state at the department level in France), handed in a large file of filled with forms with names on them concerning divers concrete existing projects and those being built on the zad. Today we have decided to respond to the state’s injunction. We want to stop the escalation of tension on the zone and at last be given the time necessary for dialogue and the construction of the project that we defend.
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Quick summary of the repression in #Nantes and the #ZAD #NDDL since April 9, 2018

FR source :

This article replaces the previous one (published 18/04/18).

Attention this crosses the information that has reached the Legal, so it surely lacks information.
If you go out, or have friends coming out of custody do not forget to call back!
Detailed reports of the hearings will follow in the coming days.
The Legal Team always has the same number 0033 06 75 30 95 45

ARRESTS ON THE ZAD FROM 9/04/18 TO 17/04/18
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Voices of the ZAD

Interview by Fantine : voix de zadistes.

In 1972, a project emerged for a Nantes-Rennes airport on the site of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, Vigneux de Bretagne, and other villages. Resistance groups and associations mobilised to prevent its construction. Little by little certain historical farmers and also new ones, militants, but also homeless and excluded persons of all types, came together on the site corresponding to the outline of the proposed airport [called the ZAD for “Zone À Défendre” (Zone to Defend) – ed. note] to live, work, and cultivate the land while preserving the landscape of hedgerows, fields, wetlands and woodland and its fauna and flora. For a few years, they experimented with a self-managed micro-society [1]. Intrigued by the anything-but-flattering image of the “Zadistes” put forward by a few mainstream media, I decided to go and meet these “radical vandals” a few days before the start of the attempts to evict them. I found people with highly diverse profiles and with varied backgrounds and motivations. But they all had points in common – openness to others, a sharp-eyed way of seeing the world, an awareness of their responsibility, etc. From gutter punks to young engineers, and including young mothers and artists, their presence here was no accident. All of them had reflected deeply and had real confidence in what they were doing. A few agreed to talk frankly with me. JJ, a militant artist, lives in the ZAD with his partner. He is extremely active. Among other things, he welcomes visitors, teaches, communicates.
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Magic of the ZAD


Despite the state of siege imposed by the government, a crowd of 15,000 to 20,000 people has succeeded, whatever the cost, in reaching different points of the ZAD this Sunday. This afternoon new groups are arriving all the time. Since this morning, the state has done everything possible to break this huge surge of solidarity: there are road blocks and checkpoints everywhere; police checkpoint policeman at the exit lanes of the motorways, asking drivers not to to try to go to the solidarity gathering. This is the first time that the state has tried to prevent a big demonstration of this kind on the ZAD, and to wind up the tension. But here the collective spirit has not allowed itself to be intimidated by any such thing: the ZAD’s supporters know the country paths, and the fields, and they have been moving in groups in order to get round the police blockades. The movement that succeeded in forcing the abandonment of the airport project is here again today, in all its strength and diversity, to defend the ZAD.
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A call for intergalactic solidarity actions everywhere to end the destruction of the zad

We are writing with the smell of tear gas rising from our fingers. The springtime symphony of birdsong is punctuated by the explosive echo of concussion grenades. Our eyes are watering, less from the gas than the sadness; because our friends’ homes, barns and organic farms are being destroyed. Bulldozers, supported by 2500 riot police, armored vehicles, helicopters and drones, are rampaging through these forests, pastures and wetlands to crush the future we are building here on the to the zad (The zone à defendre).

We are calling on you to take solidarity actions everywhere, it could be holding demos at your local french embassy or consulate, or taking actions against any suitable symbol (corporate or otherwise) of France ! And if you are not too far away, bring your disobedient bodies to join us on the zone. If the French government evicts the zad, it will be like evicting hope.
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Invitation for solidarity between the oppressed peoples at the #ZAD #NDDL and elsewhere.

The Government has just announced that the evictions of the ZAD at Notre-Dame-des-Landes in fRance, will start on April 9 and that more than 3,000 soldiers and policemen will be deployed. Personally victimized by state racism or by supporting those who experienced it, some of us are already targets of state racism and will be the most exposed to the evictions at the ZAD in Notre-Dame-des-Landes and the other repressions that will follow.

On the ZAD we act directly for the access for all to the housing and the nourishing earth, for other social bonds then those based on the economic capacity. The big useless and imposed projects ruin the planet and move people, in our neighborhoods, our villages, but also and especially in the most exploited countries leading to forced migrations towards the imperialist countries where they are still the most oppressed.

To repel the attacks of state and racist repression, all skills and tactics will be useful. We urgently need a contribution of the techniques of resistance and organization developed in our cities, neighborhoods and villages of France and overseas countries that have undergone permanent military and police occupation for decades.

Let’s make April 9th a celebration of solidarity and resistance of the people and the oppressed on the ZAD, in our neighborhoods and villages.

This struggle is not a choice, but a historical constraint and we can not lose it.

“We declare our right on this earth…to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary.” – Malcom X

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