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Sheffield: Report from Making Space exhibition

Making Space: an exhibition of squatting, trespass, and direct housing action.

Union St Cafe at part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences. Sheffield, 5-10th Nov 2018.

Squatting, trespass, and occupation have a long and radical history in the UK which is often overlooked, dismissed, or forgotten; yet parallels and shapes the way we think about property and ownership. As we face a time of inequality, injustice and uncertainty; our ability to learn from past actions and campaigns allows us to better understand and contest the housing crises and urban inequalities of today.

As part of my wider Leverhulme-funded ethnographic research project into squatting, property, and the housing crisis in London, I increasingly found myself engaging with a number of different activist and institutional archives, to get my head around the history and context of these actions in the UK. Inspired by the Resistance Project – whose public archiving workshops and Resistance Exhibition have been incredibly successful – my aim was to work with activists, archivists, and collections in London to create a spin-off exhibition focusing on contentions around property and housing.

As well as working with the Resistance Project archives and taking part in their archiving workshops, ‘Making Space’ also took shape through the Advisory Service for Squatters (ASS) archives (both at Freedom Bookshop and Bishopsgate Institute) in addition to the Black Cultural Archives in Brixton. Other materials were also lifted from personal and online repositories – including photographs and video from Adrian Arbib, Neil Goodwin, Richard Hering (Vision.On TV), Phoenix, Morag Rose (The LRM), and wUK (UrbEx), in addition to data from Adam Elliott-Cooper, Jenny Pickerill, and Kesia Reeve – whilst my wider literature review provided much of the context for captions.

Article continues on original link with lots of pics and links

Zine from exhibition is below

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Hambacher Forest support

It seems likely that there will soon be new eviction attempts in the Hambacher Forest, according to German language news.

A group called Aktion Unterholz has published an update on facebook (WTF) yesterday which we saw on enoughisenough. It goes as follows:

The state government and the Ministry of Construction want to uproot illegally in Hambacher Forest again. Under the pretext of structural defects, activists are to be evicted from the trees. Last time they have massively cut trees , built highways and parking lots and thus damaged the valuable ecosystem of the Hambach Forest. They tried to break our resistance, but we are still there!.

So be ready:

  • if you can, go into the forest this week to prevent evictions and clearing. At the camp and in the trees you are most welcome
  • take part in the activities. If you can’t during the week, be ready to be there at the weekend
  • express your anger, be it at work, in the university/school or on the internet, everyone should know: We want to end coal now, no more cutting of trees!

We will announce in the next days when and what exactly will take place!

Directions to get to Hambach are published on in German, French, Spanish and English.

The site also has this useful infos about the resistance:

Travelling to the forest during the ongoing evictions

Currently a large number of police is clearing the forest. In this situation it might be difficult to get into the forest. Please come along anyway! Here, on the edge of the area that may have already been cordoned off, it is easiest for you to get the most current information on about whether and how you can get into the forest or how you can support the occupation of the forest. The situation changes hourly and especially now we are all pretty busy – therefore, we cannot give any tips on how to get here on this page.

There are three permanently registered gatherings near the forest.

  1. a makeshift Greenpeace office in containers. From Buir station, walk through the underpass under the railway, over the two bridges, past the embankment and then you should beable to see the containers if you look left diagonally over the fields. So turn left as soon as you can
  2. a picket by the local movement. Get to it the same way as to the Greenpeace office, then walk past the containers, turn right into the path (behind the small woods), and continue until you reach the main road
  3. a camp on the meadow belonging to BUND in Manheim

In solidarity with Hambach!

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Prague: Support Klinika!

Collective of Autonomní sociální centrum Klinika decided to defend themselves against eviction by a non-violent happening on Thursday, 10th January

“We are calling SŽDC (the state railway company) to stop the absurd violent eviction and to return to discussions with the members of the Klinika collective and leaders of the capital city. There are 7000 empty houses in Prague and we want at least one of them to be non-commercial social and culture center,” says Klinika collective.

Autonomous social center Klinika in Prague exists four years and it has been shown by its cultural, social and political activities that it is an important part of the city. “Managers of SŽDC (state railway company) are lying when they claim that they are forced to evict the building by court. It’s their own decision. Municipal district Pague 3 nor the whole Capital City don’t want Klinika to be evict, “says Markéta Juřicová, a member of the Klinika collective.
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We gotta stop these fuckers stealing all our spaces 🙁

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Updates from the Tree Sit Against the Mountain Valley Pipeline

A note from the Yellow Finch tree sits on their 118th day of blocking the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Originally posted to the Appalachians Against Pipelines page.

It appears that in the first few days of this new year, Mountain Valley Pipeline may be escalating their actions against myself and my treesitting friend. MVP may cut us off from resupplies, or may attempt to extract us from these dear trees … only time will tell.

In just a few days, there will be an injunction hearing upon MVP’s request, against us tree sitters. If this injunction goes through, this means that MVP will technically have permission to bring the U.S. Marshals in to wreak havoc in whatever way they deem fit.

In addition to the fine job these MVP fellows have done of hanging papers on trees (not without some difficulty ascending and descending this slippery, slippery hill), they have informed us that they will be setting up overnight security to keep an eye on us ne’er-do-wells. While this may sound ominous to some, I promise you it provides mostly entertainment on our part (they are some seriously goofy folks).

We are not worried.
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Prague: We must defend Klinika, to be evicted on January 10

Callout to those who are not indifferent to the fate of this space.

Despite the promising ongoing negotiations about the future of Klinika with SŽDC (the railway administration), the police has decided to evict. In the fall, when the new SŽDC management started to open negotiations, we welcomed this initiative and we came together in a specific way to preserve the social center and to resolve the future of the house to a mutual satisfaction. Nevertheless, the State decided to use violence to kick us out. Evicting Klinika does not make sense because of the ongoing negotiations, SŽDC doesn’t not even want to demolish the building. The eviction would just lead to another empty and decaying house.
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Amsterdam: ADM is not evicted, it will stay our home port.

According to the verdict of the Council of State of 25 june 2018, the ADM would have to be evicted from the 25 of December 2018.
The idea that a bunch of property mafioso have more rights to the ADM terrain then the people living here for 21 years is ridiculous.
On this moment there is a interim measure request by the UN Human Rights Council.
That interim measure request states that they cannot evict as long as the UN HRC is investigating our complaints
This does not mean that the risk for an eviction is gone (the municipality keeps on saying they will continue with the eviction as planned). Our lawyers are trying to prevent this now.

On a daily basis enforcers of the local government are coming at the gate, we do not let them inside.
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Amsterdam: The Klokhuis squat under threat

The Klokhuis squat is threatened by Hagatex BV, the textile subsidiary of Maged Hagagg.

On September 30 2018, we squatted an empty building on the Zeeburgerpad 22 in Amsterdam. The building, owned by Appelbeheer BV since the end of 1990, has been rotting away for most of this time, it has also been squatted several times since then. The building has finally been taken back into use as a social place and living space. We had to clean the terrible mess left inside and throw away more than a hundred garbage bags of waste.

This was the state in which we found the property, a complete ravage. And yet on 16 December, we received a very informal letter stuck to the door. In this letter Hagatex BV claimed that it is their business premises and that if we had not “delivered and evacuated” the next day before midday the police would take us by force out of the building.

They came with tools to break the door open, threatened to do so if we didn’t leave ourselves and started to pull the lock out of the door. Hagatex has lost a lawsuit with the owner after sub renting the property and renting it to students for parties. Such a company on no account has the right to access the property and claim that in the havoc in which we found it, their business is established.

They were met and sent away.
We ain’t leaving and wilk keep using the place as a social and living space.

Kraken gaat door !

Het klokhuis

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Trespass Issue 3 Introduction

We’re glad to finally present Issue 3 of Trespass Journal!

In this issue, which is online and freely distributed, you’ll find a translation from English to Dutch of a journal article about how a moral panic was generated to enforce the criminalisation of squatting in the Netherlands and a translation to French of a brief text about migration on Idomeni in Greece, near to Macedonia, which was previously published in Trespass 2 in Italian.

As interventions in five languages, we have an analysis of the lack of support to the ZAD in Brittany, plus short pieces about the opening of a new anarchist social centre in the Paris suburbs, community resistance to preserve a park in London, the demolition of a community gym in Athens, an (unsuccessful) eviction threat in Catania, and an eviction in Catalonia. And a report on the resquat of the watertower in Utrecht! There’s plenty more news and analysis on this website.
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Squatters Digest

Welcome to the second, and final edition of Squatters Digest (for 2018). You made it, faithful readers.

In a shock headline, squatting in the UK continues. Evictions still take place every month, but due to the huge number of empty properties in the country, people are still finding ways to self-house. These properties sit vacant while people struggle with rents, and with capitalism. Sometimes people die, and still these buildings remain empty. As the temperatures look to drop below zero in the next couple of days, and I sit here with a horrible cold, I am reminded that it is coming up 6 years since the death of Daniel Gauntlett, a man who froze to death outside a building in Kent, too afraid to enter for fear of being prosecuted for the crime of squatting in a residential building, the infamous Section 144 LASPO law brought in back in 2012 that so many people with an interest in squatting will know all too well.
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