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ADM Sympathizers squatted out of protest a premises in the city center

On Sunday 28 October, a number of ADM sympathizers squatted a building in the Red-light district; Oudekerksplein 30.

The fringes of Amsterdam also belong in the city center

After hearing alderman Kock’s proposal to move the ADM to Almere in two years, many were stunned. One could not believe that the alderman had so little understanding of the social added value that Free-spaces & Fringes have for the city of Amsterdam. Recently, even in the media it was pointed out that the city loses its soul now that the fringes of Amsterdam are in Zaandam. Does Kock really want to move the fringes of Amsterdam to Almere?

To counter the doom scenario of a soulless city, we have squatted a building in the Red-light district, where a new temporary cultural center will be erected. In this way we want to add liveliness, creativity and especially inspiration to the city. A much needed counterweight to the gentrification that is hitting with full force.
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Temporary Autonomous Art 2057

Fiction (?) from the autumn 2018 issue of Rupture zine

TAA 2057

Parking my mobility helicopter on the highrise rooftop and boosting with my jetpack down to the cultural resistance centre on level 23, I realise I haven’t been in these parts since I got the fuck out of London during the 2020 meltdown. As I flew down the highway to the periphery at Colchester, it had been tough to see the still smoking ruins of East London for the first time.

This is the first Random Artists meetup for thirty eight years. Of course, when martial law came in and the hunger wars started, everything took a back seat to survival. Woman cannot live on instagram alone. I’m happy that a lot of people I knew survived the riots. We were already nomadic and pretty well prepared for societal breakdown. I moved up north with the hoverbarge and never really came back.
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New Rupture zine!

Rupture is a zine centred around DIY culture – free parties, squats, social centres, art and activism

The next edition will be published in SPRING 2019 – Send stuff to info rupturezine org

The Autumn 2018 issue is entitled Comfort zone???

Screen PDF can be (downloaded at this page)

Contents below
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Amsterdam: An outing in the future of ADM

ADM site, August 2030.

It is a bright summer day in this wild, green park area, the poster child of the green cultural harbor of Amsterdam, an area that provides fresh air, oxygen, biodiversity and culture. It is a special place where the houses and the inhabitants are part of nature, where the self-healing ability of people and the earth were given an opportunity to flourish again, according to our guide.

In the open culture park along the waterfront it is very noticeable how nature is combined with art and culture. Nowhere else you’ll find this combination of living, working, recreation and recycling, with energy generation and waterworks. “You just do that – it’s the continuation of a common tradition: being self-sufficient with minimal dependence and free exchange of ideas. What you see here are logical answers to fundamental questions.”
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Utrecht: Callout for solidarity with the Swamp

The Swamp, Utrecht, Kanaleneiland

This week the judge decided to make the eviction of the Swamp possible. This means that birds, rabbits, bats, rats, insects and people lose their living space and a young forest will be killed. All to make space for more asphalt, another distribution center and a busparking that could be built somewhere else.

The judge ignored that the owner; Borghese Real Estate B.V., hasn’t even asked for permits to cut the trees on the part of the Swamp that is not destroyed yet.

We won’t let one of the very few places of green in the city of Utrecht be killed. We won’t move from out self built community where we live together with nature, as self sufficient as possible, and free.

We call out to all people to defend nature here with us, or in your own way, everywhere. We expect the eviction of the Swamp soon after Wednesday the 31st of October, next week.



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Virginia (USA): Tree Sit in Hellbender Autonomous Zone Hits 50 Days

The tree sit in the Hellbender Autonomous Zone (area close to Elliston, Virginia) has now hit 50 straight days. While there has been some ‘crew changes’ between those in the trees, the tree sit continues full steam ahead as an inspiring example of direct resistance to the Mountain Valley Pipeline and its world. What follows is a collection of recent statements from the Appalachians Against Pipelines Facebook page, direct from the tree sitters.

On day 50 of the tree sit the follow statement was posted to Appalachians Against Pipelines:
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Galliners (Catalonia): Kan Bici Evicted

Hi friends and comrades!

Last Thursday 10th of May at 10.30h in the morning appeared the owner with some thugs without uniform in front of Kan Bici, little bit after 3 cop cars arrived (Mossos) and a bureaucrat from the court of Girona who decided to force the main door (without much success) but later they forced the back-door of the garden while the neighbor “worked” with a grass-cutting machine… There was only two of us and not really cheered up to have a fight with the cops, so they gave us 10 minutes to take all the stuff which we couldn’t take out before. The small number of assistants during the acts of the resistance-week of Kan Bici and ignorance condemned the squat to eviction. The fear to express the opinion in public is a collaboration with daily perpetrated crimes. From the comrades there was little solidarity, but we know why we’re in this situation and the means with which they manipulate and distort reality. Always against evictions, yesterday like today, our only weapon is the solidarity expressed in the streets. Silence kills! Greeting from the new squat in complicity with the diverse resistances around the world, and specially warm greetings for the comrades of the ZAD (Brittany) and the arrested anarchist comrades in Indonesia. Life continues to be a struggle that we chose to make ourselves strong and look for the confrontation with this corrupt and false system which only knows the option between be a slave and/or pay what they ask for or the permanent struggle against their tricks and traps. They can evict our squats but our ideas they never will change!

As they cultivate misery there will be rebellion!

No forgetting nor forgiving!

Health and Anarchy (from a really nice place)!

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Montreuil (Paris-banlieue): opening of l’Écharde

Monday October 1st, 2018, while Jardin d’Alice‘s docile artists were giving back their building’s keys (at 19 rue Garibaldi, in Montreuil), about thirty people came to disrupt their plans, occupying the building. After three years of caretaking, this space was about to be given back to Nexity, French “master” of property business, who is managing the building on behalf of the EPFIF (Public Land Office of the Paris region). While the state is trying to empty the meaning of housing struggles by signing precarious occupancy agreements to artists (like Jardin d’Alice) and zadists, while the left-wing mayors talk about requisitioning to scrounge a few ballot papers, we, like many others, are squatting. Read more ›

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Fighting for spaces, Fighting for our lives: Squatting Movements Today

Squatting everywhere kollective (SqEK) aims with this book to move beyond the conventional understandings of squatting, investigating its history in different places over the past four decades.

While waves of repression against squatters seem to spread across many places, attacking and shutting down its remaining squatting strongholds and its historical spaces of rebellion, some squatted social centres manage to persist and new occupied zones arise – successfully defended through public mobilization and widespread solidarity, alongside militant action. At the same time, squatting has seen a rebirth as a tool of radical praxis in movements fighting against the rising number of evictions and foreclosures during the financial crisis, facing the policies of racism and creating open spaces for refugees, migrants and people of colour. The collected essays, first-hand accounts and photographs in this book do not intend to offer an over-arching narrative of where the squatters movement is heading. Instead the book provides glimpses into a diverse and multi-faceted movement, with accounts from local struggles, experiences of repression and stories of collective forms of life which have grown out of squatted spaces in various cities and countries throughout the world, including accounts from Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Seattle and Australia.

AVAILABLE NOW! From the publisher. Cheaper in person or at a forthcoming talk.

PDF download (10mb)


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London: Thirty days into the occupation of the Old Tidemill Garden

Yesterday [27/9/18] marked 30 days since campaigners — myself included — occupied the Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden, a much-loved community garden in Deptford, and it was a day of celebration, as we secured a court ruling allowing our occupation to last for at least another month.

Campaigners have been occupying the garden since August 29, to prevent Lewisham Council from boarding it up prior to its planned destruction as part of a housing project with the developer Peabody.

Lewisham Council sought to evict the campaigners at Bromley County Court, but although the judge confirmed the council’s right to possession of the garden, he ruled that it cannot take place until seven days after a High Court judge holds an oral hearing at which campaigners will seek permission to proceed to a judicial review of the legality of the council’s plans. This oral hearing will take place on October 17 (and please, if you can, make a donation to our crowdfunder for our legal fees).
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