Year: 2016

Amsterdam: We Are Here refugees squat building on Amstelstraat 29-31

Amsterdam, 24 december 2016 – Today, we, a Swahili subgroup of the refugee action collective We Are Here, squatted a building on the Amstelstraat 29-31. We had no other option because we were evicted from our previous location at the

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Amsterdam: Eviction Wijde Heisteeg

On Friday 23rd December, less than 16h after the negative verdict for WH7 the cops and construction worker show up at 8 am and evict the house with the inhabitants and their animals inside. Everyone gets arrested and the dog

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Open letter to senate of Berlin

16-12-16 OPEN LETTER TO THE SENATE OF BERLIN FOR A JUST PROCEDURE FOR ANDREJ HOLM, STATE SECRETARY OF HOUSING IN BERLIN We, the researchers, scholars and members of the International Network for Urban Research and Action, welcome the new Senate

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Anti-squat research group

Barcelona based Observatori DESC (Observatory for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights) is looking for information on anti-squatting practices across Europe. From the Observatori DESC in Barcelona, we would like to write a report on the impact of anti-squat companies on

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Book review: Simon Springer ‘The Anarchist Roots of Geography’

Squatting as Spatial Emancipation Book review: Simon Springer The Anarchist Roots of Geography: Towards Spatial Emancipation (Minnesota Press 2016) (Download it in zine format here) Simon Springer’s The Anarchist Roots of Geography, published earlier this year, functions both as a

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São Paulo (Brazil): Dozens of buildings are squatted against the backdrop of social movement against austerity

During the night between Sunday 30 October and Monday 31, dozens of buildings were squatted in São Paulo. The action was coordinated by several homeless movements, including the FLM (Frente de Luta por Moradia) and the MMPT (Movimento de Moradia

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Anarchist and Left-Libertarian Perspectives on the Geographies of Peace

GEOGRAPHIES FOR PEACE / GEOGRAFÍAS PARA LA PAZ 23- 25 April/abril 2017 La Paz, Bolivia Anarchists and other Left-Libertarians; Geographers and Non-Geographers alike. La Paz. 2017. Tweet

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“Rethinking Urban Global Justice” RC21 Conference, Leeds, Sept 2017 – Call for sessions

RC21 CONFERENCE 2017 “Rethinking Urban Global Justice” University of Leeds (UK), 11-13th September CALL FOR SESSIONS DEADLINE 15th December, 2016 Tweet

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[Crakow] Arrest and deportation of a student during the pro abortion rally

Solidarity with Ameer! Enough of the police state! Enough of racism and deportations! Last Monday Ameer Alkhawlany, a student in Crakow of Kurdish origin, was arrested by border police during the “Czarny marsz” (pro abortion rally). He is studying for

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BOOK REVIEW Seth Tobocman “War in the Neighborhood” 2nd Edition, Ad Astra Comix, 2016. Paperback.

“When will we have a movement that renovates people as well as buildings?” Seth Tobocman, War in the Neighborhood Ad Astra Comix, 2016 re-issue. Paperback. 328 pages. First published by Autonomedia, 2000. BOOK REVIEW by Alan W. Moore ((Download the

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