Month: August 2016

[Poland] We do not agree with the destruction of the ROD gardens!

We do not agree with the destruction of the ROD gardens! Warsaw, August 10th 2016 ROD is the name of a community garden project located in Warsaw city, Poland. It is cared for by a collective linked to the European

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Short videos on activist research & squatting

These are some answers provided by those who attended the SqEK-Antipode conferences in Barcelona. These videos have not been produced by Trespass. Tweet

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Why you should post your papers to SocArXiv

Reposted from SocOpen: The SocArXiv blogHome By Elizabeth Popp Berman ResearchGate. Your personal website. You have lots of options for posting your preprints online. Why should you upload them to SocArXiv? Because you want them to reach people, and

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Trespass Announcement / CfP

Trespass is an occasionally published journal collecting together reflections on personal experience, essays, papers, conference proceedings, interviews, discussions, letters and other interventions from individual squatters and collectives who are using squatting to promote social change. Trespass is self-managed, open access,

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