Month: December 2016

Amsterdam: We Are Here refugees squat building on Amstelstraat 29-31

Amsterdam, 24 december 2016 – Today, we, a Swahili subgroup of the refugee action collective We Are Here, squatted a building on the Amstelstraat 29-31. We had no other option because we were evicted from our previous location at the

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Amsterdam: Eviction Wijde Heisteeg

On Friday 23rd December, less than 16h after the negative verdict for WH7 the cops and construction worker show up at 8 am and evict the house with the inhabitants and their animals inside. Everyone gets arrested and the dog

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Open letter to senate of Berlin

16-12-16 OPEN LETTER TO THE SENATE OF BERLIN FOR A JUST PROCEDURE FOR ANDREJ HOLM, STATE SECRETARY OF HOUSING IN BERLIN We, the researchers, scholars and members of the International Network for Urban Research and Action, welcome the new Senate

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