Month: March 2017

Squatting action planned for Vienna

Soon we are going to squat a house, to create a room of struggle and to reclaim a piece of our lifes. From this publication in advance we expect, that everyone who recognizes her*himself in the ideas as they are

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Landbouwbelang 15 Years Cultural freezone

Throughout the years, the Landbouwbelang (Maastricht, Netherlands) has been an experience for many people. A diverse group of artists, designers, producers, organisers, performers, artisans, students and many others made it their social place, their workspace and even their home. Trough

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Porto Alegre, Brazil: New space for Biblioteca Kaos squat

Let’s occupy again! Biblioteca Kaos (Kaos Library) has a new space! On Sunday, March 12, we entered the house at 641 Coronel João Manoel street, near the start of the hill. The house was abandoned three years ago and it

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Klinika update

If nothing changes, Klinika will likely get evicted in summer. We can turn the tide – come on 9th of April on demonstration for Klinika! Klinika still vibrates from such relations, meetings and events that find themselves trampled upon and

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JustBooks fundraising appeal

Just Books is a radical anarchist bookstore/library located in Belfast city center, we provide a wide array of stuff obviously including books, magazines, t-shirts and patches handmade and designed by volunteers and comrades. We open up our premises as a

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