Month: July 2017

Undocumented – a letter to de groene amsterdammer

Thanks for the extended article about the parallel world of undocumented fellow towns-men. Chris Keulemans sketches in the article a pretty complete image of the world in which people without documents try to live, both the daily reality as well

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Squatting against oppression: how refugees are fighting back against border controls

After surviving the perilous journey to Europe, migrants are met with two seemingly opposite responses. Increasingly, European governments are criminalising migration, militarising borders and expanding detention centres. Meanwhile, non-government organisations (NGOs) are reaching out to migrants offering food, clothes and

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Call for defending the occupation of the Hambach Forest

The Hambach Forest has been occupied for five years. For five years people have been building and defending tree houses in order to protect the trees they are living on. For five years diggers, cops, and secus have kept coming

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Solidarity statement from Rosa de Foc Squat in Athens, Greece, to anti-airport struggle ZAD in France

As an international housing squat we think solidarity is our weapon, and as we all know weapons have categories, from handguns to nuclear bombs. Revolutionary solidarity doesn’t have boundaries and can only benefit the struggle. We are already starting to

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Solidarity With the #NoG20 Prisoners!

More than 40 people who were arrested during the NoG20 protests in Hamburg.are still imprisoned. Tomorrow (July23) there will be a solidarity gathering at the backside of the Holstenglacis prison in Hamburg. In Berlin there will be a video-gathering at

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Solidarity with two people detained after G20

From the 6­th to the 8th July, in Hambug (Germany), took place an official meeting that involves twenty worldwide powers; such meeting is called G20. Before the beginning and also during of the official meeting, several activities were organized against

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Grow Heathrow legal update

Our lawyers got in touch today (July10) to tell us our appeal had been filed in court. Which means we’ve got another stay of execution! So it’s business as usual with making and growing. Big summer events on the horizon,

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Eliane Caffe’s docu-fiction hybrid charts the trials, tribulations and triumphs of homeless people and refugees living in an abandoned Sao Paolo hotel.

The Cambridge Squatter does a very difficult thing: It takes what essentially is a local interest story and elevates it into something universal and urgently contemporary. The local-interest story is that of homeless people in Sao Paolo in Brazil who

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