Month: August 2017

DSEI London: Conference at the Gates

Call for paper/activities/participants Hopefully, you like what you have read about Conference at the Gates 2015, and you are excited to join us for our event on the 8th of September 2017 This year we want to do something similar,

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Conflict and Autonomy in Bologna (2016)

“We made Làbas to create a rupture in the linearity of our history and identity.” Transcript from the seminar ”Conflict and Autonomy in Bologna – Building the Common” held in Lymy, Helsinki 13.4.2016 with guests from the collective Làbas based

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Evictions in Bologna

Police injured more than a dozen people, two seriously, on a day where two social centres were violently evicted in Bologna. Activists in Bologna were awoken at dawn on Tuesday (8th Aug) to news of evictions at two of the

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