Month: January 2019

Cool calendars

A list of calendars with squatty uncommercial shizzle: info*usurpa – barcelona since 1996! – berlin – bilbao (after five years closing down BUMMER) plotter – koln – lyon ingobernable – madrid – paris – paris

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Hambacher Forest: Preparations for eviction – postponement/cancellation of eviction

Hambacher Forest: For several weeks now, a possible eviction of the tree houses and the meadow camp in the forest has been expected again. The reason for this is the repeated operations by cops (30.11. / 12.12. / 28.12. and

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‘Pick up a crowbar, and get to work’ – homelessness and squatting in Britain

Invisible, by Andrew Fraser (Freedom Press 2019), is a “diary of rough sleeping in Britain”. But it is so much more than that. It is a touching, heartfelt, genuine story and it is a scathing, seething, furious indictment of the

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Sheffield: Report from Making Space exhibition

Making Space: an exhibition of squatting, trespass, and direct housing action. Union St Cafe at part of the ESRC Festival of Social Sciences. Sheffield, 5-10th Nov 2018. Squatting, trespass, and occupation have a long and radical history in the UK

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Hambacher Forest support

It seems likely that there will soon be new eviction attempts in the Hambacher Forest, according to German language news. A group called Aktion Unterholz has published an update on facebook (WTF) yesterday which we saw on enoughisenough. It goes

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Prague: Support Klinika!

Collective of Autonomní sociální centrum Klinika decided to defend themselves against eviction by a non-violent happening on Thursday, 10th January “We are calling SŽDC (the state railway company) to stop the absurd violent eviction and to return to discussions with

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We gotta stop these fuckers stealing all our spaces 🙁 Tweet

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Updates from the Tree Sit Against the Mountain Valley Pipeline

A note from the Yellow Finch tree sits on their 118th day of blocking the path of the Mountain Valley Pipeline. Originally posted to the Appalachians Against Pipelines page. It appears that in the first few days of this new

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Prague: We must defend Klinika, to be evicted on January 10

Callout to those who are not indifferent to the fate of this space. Despite the promising ongoing negotiations about the future of Klinika with SŽDC (the railway administration), the police has decided to evict. In the fall, when the new

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Amsterdam: ADM is not evicted, it will stay our home port.

According to the verdict of the Council of State of 25 june 2018, the ADM would have to be evicted from the 25 of December 2018. The idea that a bunch of property mafioso have more rights to the ADM

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