Fascists burn ateneu in Barcelona

While the Spanish government and the press in Madrid have not stopped talking about violence by citizens and pro-independence groups, this morning (March29) fascists burned the Ateneu de Sarrià and painted it with Nazi and fascist symbols.

The site had already suffered attacks in advance, which have intensified since the referendum was held. On the walls of the patio have appeared swastikas,”Death to the CDR” (Citizens Defense).

Again, today at about three in the morning, the Ateneu Popular de Sarrià has suffered a fire, which has left the site destroyed. Awaiting the firemen’s report, they have already advanced that the building will probably have to be demolished due to its bad condition.

The centre was still being rebuilt after another fascist attack last November. The fascists are well known but enjoy impunity, encouragement and even financial aid via the Spanish State for hundreds of attacks in a bid to stifle public support for imprisoned Catalan activists and politicians.

The Ateneu Popular de Sarrià was born on December 10, 2015, when a group of youth from the neighborhood called by the Youth Assembly of Sarrià-Esberla occupied the farmhouse on Calle Hort de la Vila, 29. Their reaction “And we want to make clear that the Ateneu Popular de Sarrià is not just a space, it is a collective project of the young people of the neighborhood, we continue, so the Ateneu continues, and more anti-fascist than ever,” they added in this same social network .

The Guardia Urbana, according to the occupants, has recorded in its report “unknown causes” and have confirmed that the property has been burning for five hours.

Based on the report prepared by the Fire Fighters – which, according to members of the Ateneo, have advanced them, it was deliberately started – and the technicians of the Barcelona City Council, the Mossos d’Esquadra will open an investigation to determine the origin of the fire. Some neighbors in an adjacent building have been evacuated. Councilor Jaume Asens assured that the Consistory will denounce the events.

It is not the first time that they attack the headquarters of different groups in the neighborhood. According to members of the Athenian, the attacks have intensified since the referendum held on October 1.

Previously, they had already found fascist graffiti on the patio, but on November 18 a group managed to enter the premises by breaking the back window and caused serious damage: broken furniture, torn posters, material damaged and painted with the symbol of the yoke the arrows adopted by the phalange and the Franco regime.

The attack occurred just the same day as a unionist rally in Plaza Artós .

The Popular Athenaeum of Sarrià was born on December 10, 2015, when a group of young people from the neighborhood convened by the Assembly of Young people of Sarrià-Esberla occupied the farmhouse on Calle Hort de la Vila 29, owned by the City Council .


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