One but Many Movements Two Translations from the ZAD on Isolation, Division, and Pacification

From Crimethinc: Two weeks ago, thousands of French police attacked the ZAD—the Zone a Défendre (Zone To Defend)—an occupied area in which the French government tried for decades to build a widely unpopular airport. Yet every conflict conceals other conflicts within it. Inside the movement, there have been bitter differences about how to deal with power dynamics, whether to negotiate with the authorities, and how to resist the divide-and-conquer tactics of the state.

For more background on the ZAD, read our historical study, “La ZAD: Another End of the World Is Possible—Learning from 50 Years of Struggle at Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

In the US, we have watched the struggle around the ZAD without presuming to understand all the factors at play. Yet the debates taking place there have spilled over to our side of the Atlantic as well. In hopes of helping other rebels who may confront similar challenges to think through the nuances in advance, we’ve translated two texts from different sides of these debates, “ZAD: Second Round” and “When Lama Fâché, Llama Spit!” Both appear below with annotations.

Read the rest over at Crimethinc with their traditional nice fotos…

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