Nazi Squatters Fuck Off


On Saturday April 22 2018, some muppets from the latest flavour of a small neo-nazi group “squatted” a house in Amsterdam Oost. They did this to “protest” at We Are Here, a group of undocumented migrants who have been squatting in Amsterdam for the last five years and who successfully occupied twenty houses in Oost at Easter. The nazis were demanding that all the undocumented migrants be evicted and arrested (“islamists go home”).

They had been threatening to take action for a few days, burning banner, talking crap and so on. Antifa Amsterdam had already been monitoring them. In the end, the five nazis took a house given to them by an antisquatter and were immediately confronted by a large angry mob who tried to kick the door in, broke windows and threw fireworks. The police told the muppets to leave (and they did!), Camelot the antisquat company immediately cancelled the antisquatter’s contract and the house was boarded up. Result! Even if it’s a bit strange to sympathise with the evicters for once rather than the evictees (in the Netherlands i mean, there’s lots of shit squatting going on worldwide eg zionists in Palestine).

So you might think that since the Netherlands has had a long history of squatting, there might have been more nazi squats – like for example they sadly do exist in Italy. Thankfully there don’t seem to have been too many (openly) nazi squats in dutchland and when they do occasionally emerge out of a stinking cesspit, they tend to be crushed immediately.

In the 1980s, a wing of a big squat in Amsterdam was taken over by some nazis, but when the other squatters saw fascist literature, they immediately kicked out the twangers. Some right wing hoolies had a squat for three months up north in Groningen which was then evicted. The shittiest case by far in terms of size and longevity seems to be in Eindhoven, where nazis squatted an old military terrain from 2000 until 2003. They used it as a meeting space and for concerts, and were eventually removed thanks to public revulsion at an openly far-right venue.

Until these pricks this weekend, the last I heard about fash squatters was in Spijkenisse in 2009. When the two twats were kicked out, they left behind nazi memorabilia and lots of flammable chemicals. They had been dumping all their trash in the basement and it took the cleaners two days to empty it out. The poor neighbours had been complaining for some time about their constant sieg heiling.

Also around this time, there were nazi squatters in Monster (it’s a small town with an awesome name somewhat between Rotterdam and Den Haag). Soon after the occupation they were attacked by local kids, the shit went down, the police turned up, the nazis fought the popo, they all got arrested and the place was shut down. Up the Monster kids!!


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