CfP: Informal Housing and Property Rights in the Countries of the Former Soviet Bloc


Workshop: Informal Housing and Property Rights in the Countries of the Former Soviet Bloc
Date: November 29-30, 2018
Venue: ISEK-Social Anthropology University of Zurich Andreasstrasse 15 CH-Zurich 8050
Organizers: Jovana Dikovic (UZH) Eliza Isabaeva (UZH) Benjamin Kälin (UZH)

It is often assumed that there was practically no squatting and violation of property rights in former socialist countries. This rests on the assumption that the private property was either abolished or limited, and that the state took over the role of social provider which apart from universal health care included cheap and affordable housing. But the recent scholarship has contested these assumptions, and the studies on squatting (of land and buildings alike for establishing residence) in Eastern Europe and Central Asia have revealed a variety of informal practices related to housing. Furthermore, these practices have continued in these societies after the fall of socialism and are rather to be seen as the consequences of intensive rural to urban migration as well as the shift to market economy.

We invite scholars working on the topics of informal housing and property rights in the Eastern European and Central Asian countries to submit a short abstract of a paper to be presented during the workshop by August 31st, 2018 (max. 300 words). The aim of the workshop is to work towards an edited volume with the workshop contributions.

We have been able to secure some funding to cover costs of our workshop participants, especially from Eastern Europe and Central Asia. If you have other funding possibilities from your own universities or elsewhere, we will appreciate your financial assistance.
Should you have questions, please feel free to contact us: Jovana Dikovic (jovana [dot] dikovic [at] uzh [dot] ch) and Eliza Isabaeva (eliza [dot] isabaeva [at] uzh [dot] ch) and Benjamin Kälin (benjamin [dot] kaelin [at] uzh [dot] ch).

Pre-Christmas Zurich is beautiful and magical. We are looking forward to welcoming you in Zurich to share this Swiss beauty and magic along with important discussions!

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