Galliners (Catalonia): Kan Bici Evicted

Hi friends and comrades!

Last Thursday 10th of May at 10.30h in the morning appeared the owner with some thugs without uniform in front of Kan Bici, little bit after 3 cop cars arrived (Mossos) and a bureaucrat from the court of Girona who decided to force the main door (without much success) but later they forced the back-door of the garden while the neighbor “worked” with a grass-cutting machine… There was only two of us and not really cheered up to have a fight with the cops, so they gave us 10 minutes to take all the stuff which we couldn’t take out before. The small number of assistants during the acts of the resistance-week of Kan Bici and ignorance condemned the squat to eviction. The fear to express the opinion in public is a collaboration with daily perpetrated crimes. From the comrades there was little solidarity, but we know why we’re in this situation and the means with which they manipulate and distort reality. Always against evictions, yesterday like today, our only weapon is the solidarity expressed in the streets. Silence kills! Greeting from the new squat in complicity with the diverse resistances around the world, and specially warm greetings for the comrades of the ZAD (Brittany) and the arrested anarchist comrades in Indonesia. Life continues to be a struggle that we chose to make ourselves strong and look for the confrontation with this corrupt and false system which only knows the option between be a slave and/or pay what they ask for or the permanent struggle against their tricks and traps. They can evict our squats but our ideas they never will change!

As they cultivate misery there will be rebellion!

No forgetting nor forgiving!

Health and Anarchy (from a really nice place)!

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