New Rupture zine!

Rupture is a zine centred around DIY culture – free parties, squats, social centres, art and activism

The next edition will be published in SPRING 2019 – Send stuff to info rupturezine org

The Autumn 2018 issue is entitled Comfort zone???

Screen PDF can be (downloaded at this page)

Contents below

  • The Empire Strikes Frack – Shifting Terrain in the Struggle Against Fracking
  • Freedom’s Foray into the First Thursdays Fray
  • Extinction Rebellion – V FOR VICTORY! XR FOR REBELLION!
  • Black Star Caravan – African Odyssey 2019
  • TAA 2057 – fiction (?)
  • Urgent Call Out From the Hambach Forest
  • DSFL finances update
  • ADM squat resistance update
  • Not the Anarchist Bookfair news
  • Unite + Conquer – music scene and the London Promoter’s Society
  • The Estate Agents Will Be Having Kittens – atypical Rupture rant
  • Tidemill Gardens – Fighting against environmental destruction and social cleansing in Deptford
  • Freekuency – Festival statement
  • Bad Sekta news
  • Poetry from Jack Houston, Sophie McKeand
  • Events listings
  • Artwork by Arki Grynberg, Sara Maria Klos, Barnie Emma, the horny handed daughter of toil, Glittasphyxia, Krom Bagelsky
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