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It seems likely that there will soon be new eviction attempts in the Hambacher Forest, according to German language news.

A group called Aktion Unterholz has published an update on facebook (WTF) yesterday which we saw on enoughisenough. It goes as follows:

The state government and the Ministry of Construction want to uproot illegally in Hambacher Forest again. Under the pretext of structural defects, activists are to be evicted from the trees. Last time they have massively cut trees , built highways and parking lots and thus damaged the valuable ecosystem of the Hambach Forest. They tried to break our resistance, but we are still there!.

So be ready:

  • if you can, go into the forest this week to prevent evictions and clearing. At the camp and in the trees you are most welcome
  • take part in the activities. If you can’t during the week, be ready to be there at the weekend
  • express your anger, be it at work, in the university/school or on the internet, everyone should know: We want to end coal now, no more cutting of trees!

We will announce in the next days when and what exactly will take place!

Directions to get to Hambach are published on hambachforest.org in German, French, Spanish and English.

The site also has this useful infos about the resistance:

Travelling to the forest during the ongoing evictions

Currently a large number of police is clearing the forest. In this situation it might be difficult to get into the forest. Please come along anyway! Here, on the edge of the area that may have already been cordoned off, it is easiest for you to get the most current information on about whether and how you can get into the forest or how you can support the occupation of the forest. The situation changes hourly and especially now we are all pretty busy – therefore, we cannot give any tips on how to get here on this page.

There are three permanently registered gatherings near the forest.

  1. a makeshift Greenpeace office in containers. From Buir station, walk through the underpass under the railway, over the two bridges, past the embankment and then you should beable to see the containers if you look left diagonally over the fields. So turn left as soon as you can
  2. a picket by the local movement. Get to it the same way as to the Greenpeace office, then walk past the containers, turn right into the path (behind the small woods), and continue until you reach the main road
  3. a camp on the meadow belonging to BUND in Manheim

In solidarity with Hambach!

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