Hambacher Forest: Preparations for eviction – postponement/cancellation of eviction

Hambacher Forest: For several weeks now, a possible eviction of the tree houses and the meadow camp in the forest has been expected again. The reason for this is the repeated operations by cops (30.11. / 12.12. / 28.12. and 09.01), during which all ground structures (tents, kitchens, toilets) were destroyed, as well as all existing structures, which they could not reach due to their height, were documented by date.

These repeated and completely useless attacks on our life here in the forest mean an enormous physical and psychological stress for all forest dwellers.

Not only that the places, which were built with love and joy, are destroyed plumply and people are deprived of all basic needs for survival in the forest. No, at the same time the police are deliberately harassing people and repeatedly putting human lives at risk!

With the inspection on 09.01. this chicanery now came to its previous climax. Cops arrived with clearing machines and trampled through the forest without respect for the natural inhabitants of this forest. People of different governmentoffices took part, took photos and documented everything they could find.

In addition, the NRW state building ministry asked the town of Kerpen and the district of Düren to evict the newly erected structures.

For us it was clear – these people are photographing what they want to destroy in the near future.

But when? A phuman being can never be sure when this measure will be carried out. Experience has shown us that the puppet masters are not interested in the public opinion that has no interest in this forest being evicted. That there are already commissions and court hearings to try to resolve this decision without large-scale use of force.

No, they would rather continue to insist that they go the right way without having thought beforehand that the right way usually does not go with ones head through the wall.

And that is exactly what worries us the most. Since the decision-making power lies with people who prefer to create reasons quickly out of nothing in order to be able to evict the forest. Not to have to wait for someone else to possibly have a better idea than them and not be able to represent their own power.

This is exactly why it is possible at any time that there will be evictions here. That is why we wake up every morning with the uncertainty of whether today is the day when everything will be ruined again. The day when the state, and all the institutions that belong to it, will join forces with RWE to continue to fight against the preservation of the earth by helping RWE to destroy what would mean the preservation of the earth. Namely, the preservation of forests, nature and life.

Originally published by Hambi Bleibt. Edited machine translation Enough is Enough

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