RiP Hummels

Rather too late I have learned of the passing of Erik Hummels at the age of 69. I met Hummels in the late 2000s when he defended our squats a few times in court. We didn’t win of course, yet he helped us out and it was fantastic to have a ‘squat lawyer’ on our side. We had stern warnings from the KSU that he was a busy man and that we shouldn’t mess him around. I hope we didn’t. We did joke that he looked like a hobbit in his court robes but we had no doubt of the strengths of his ideological commitment. The squatting movement which is now grinding to an ignominious halt was full of wonderful colourful characters and Hummels was one. In the condolences I read that he was a long-time anti-militarist, may he rest in power. The cremation took place February 1 in Bilthoven.


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