Brixton squatters strike again! New activist message goes up on Acre Lane


We here at Brixton Buzz have grown rather fond of our local persistent squatters, who have proved ready and willing to take over empty/derelict buildings and then decorate them with versions of their much travelled political banner.


Their latest and most comprehensive effort can be seen in Acre Lane, with the multi coloured banner referencing some of the issues affecting communities in the area.


The banner reads:

Squatting: If it was good enough for Olive Morris then it’s good enough for us. F*** the council, property vultures and those who threaten our social housing, community spaces and trading places: Brixton Arches, Cressingham Gardens, South Lambeth Libraries, Central Hill, Westbury, Brixton Skate Park, Knights Walk and more.

Brixton doesn’t need more evictions or more social, ethnic and cultural whitewashes.


Brixton used to have a thriving squatting/housing co-op scene from the 1960s onwards but changes in the squatting laws and the evictions of well-established communities in central Brixton locations like Rushcroft Road, Clifton Mansions and Carlton Mansions have seen many long term residents displaced.


Other notable community-based squats in the area included Cooltan Arts, Brixton Arts Co-op, The 121 Centre and St Agnes Place. More recently, squats have been evicted in Loughborough Junction, Gresham Road and, controversially, Walton Lodge in Coldharbour Lane (above).


[Sign outside Gresham Road squat, June 2016]

Much of Brixton’s squats were evicted after occupying empty residential properties was made illegal in September 2012, although non-residential squatting in empty buildings is still legal, despite the shameful efforts of Streatham MP Chuka Umunna and Lambeth Leader Lib Peck to change the law.

Source – Brixton Buzz

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One comment on “Brixton squatters strike again! New activist message goes up on Acre Lane
  1. amon says:

    there is always going to be a section of society that will not be able to live like normal folk so cant work and pay rent / mortgages and the government must provide homes for them look at all the empty flats on the Heygate southwark se1 give them to the homeless