[Crakow] Arrest and deportation of a student during the pro abortion rally

Solidarity with Ameer! Enough of the police state! Enough of racism and

Last Monday Ameer Alkhawlany, a student in Crakow of Kurdish origin, was
arrested by border police during the “Czarny marsz” (pro abortion
rally). He is studying for his doctorate in Biology in the Jagiellonian
University Crakow. The court ordered immediately that he should be
removed to a closed detention centre for non-nationals in Przemyśl.
During the quarter of an hour trial (for which he was not permitted
contact with a lawyer), the court ruled that he should be deported.
Until now they have not issued him with any charges.

Based on available information it appears that the ABW: Agencja
Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego (Internal Security Agency) works for Ameer’s
immediate deportation from Poland. The justification for its decision
was the threat of escape of the detainee and his alleged threat to the
security of the Polish state. But nobody has announced what kind of
threat it is meant to be – all information is being kept secret, even to
Ameer’s lawyer.

For a few years Ameer has lived, studied and worked in Crakow. He
received a student grant from the Polish government and there was no
justification for his arrest. The province of Lesser Poland had extended
his residency permit until 2017 (but in fact – is this relevant?). As
you can see it is enough to have an Iraqi passport and the determination
of the the ABW against you to be deported. All of this is due to the new
Anti-Terrorist Law which grants the ABW uncontrolled power.

This is not the first case where the ABW under unclear circumstances has
tried to force non-nationals to leave Poland. In August another French
speaking person of colour from Warsaw was targeted by the ABW. Officers
“invited” this person for an interview during which they gave them a
document in Polish to sign. Up until now we do not know what was in this
document and what happened to it as it was “mislaid” following the
lawyers intervention. ABW’s version of events was the same. They tried
to force this person to leave Poland within a month, under suspicion
that this person presented a threat to the state. What exactly this
threat was we never found out.

In this case instant reaction and solidarity made it possible to hinder
the agency’s sinister repression. In the same way we have to stand with
Ameer. Stop racist repression!

Solidarity with Ameer!

Write a letter (remember it is forbidden to send food products):
Ameer Alkhawlany
Bieszczadzki Oddział Straży Granicznej
ul. Mickiewicza 34
37 – 700 Przemysl

Attention! Ameer does not speak Polish but understands English.

Solidarity is our weapon!

on Sunday the 9th of October, 15:00 at Sąd Okręgowy (High-court house)
in Crakow a demonstration took place. Around 100 people came to show up
their solidarity with Ameer.

photos from demonstration :

every update will appear on wawa3.noblogs.org and resiste.squat.net,
stay tuned !

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