JustBooks fundraising appeal

Just Books is a radical anarchist bookstore/library located in Belfast city center, we provide a wide array of stuff obviously including books, magazines, t-shirts and patches handmade and designed by volunteers and comrades. We open up our premises as a safe space to local activists (Pro-Choice,Feminist,Queer groups) to use for drop ins, meet ups and meetings.
And of course while you browse our book shelves you can get comfy with a cup of tea or coffee….bliss.
So as you may know we are completely run by volunteers, and not very many of us I might add. Our wee anarcho book shop needs all the help it can get at this point in time, we have a lot on our plates between finding the time to open up shop and work six days a week and then theres also the high priced rent for the premises.
We really would like to stay put and stay open and have a few quid left over for fun things for yousens.
Any donations big or small will of course be so so so appreciated and if you don’t want to donate online – call in and see us and buy a book or open up a library membership with us!!!


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