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We gotta stop these fuckers stealing all our spaces 🙁 Tweet

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Amsterdam: ADM is not evicted, it will stay our home port.

According to the verdict of the Council of State of 25 june 2018, the ADM would have to be evicted from the 25 of December 2018. The idea that a bunch of property mafioso have more rights to the ADM

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ADM Sympathizers squatted out of protest a premises in the city center

On Sunday 28 October, a number of ADM sympathizers squatted a building in the Red-light district; Oudekerksplein 30. The fringes of Amsterdam also belong in the city center After hearing alderman Kock’s proposal to move the ADM to Almere in

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Amsterdam: An outing in the future of ADM

ADM site, August 2030. It is a bright summer day in this wild, green park area, the poster child of the green cultural harbor of Amsterdam, an area that provides fresh air, oxygen, biodiversity and culture. It is a special

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Amsterdam: Attack on the free spaces

Things are going well with Amsterdam. The city is extremely popular. More visitors come every year. While there were still plans to demolish the entire ring of canals in the 1950s, the same canal belt is now Unesco’s cultural heritage.

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‘Commercialism eradicates the soul of the city’

ADM in newspaper Het Parool (Tuesday, september 4th 2018): ‘Commercialism eradicates the soul of the city’ (by Dimitris Dalakoglou, professor social anthropology VU university Amsterdam): “The closure of ADM and the rest of the squats is the death of Amsterdam.

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Viva ADM

Speech about the ADM situation at the Jetlag (experimental circus- and music) festival on July 22 2018: Just great that you are all here In a time wherein gentrification and commercialisation are preached by administrators and companies Not only as

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Residents of ADM take the municipality of Amsterdam to court

Today, the residents of the cultural free-haven ADM summoned the Amsterdam municipality in ‘Kort Geding’ (=> interim proceedings). They are claiming that Amsterdam enforces the perpetual clause in the purchase contract and thus prevents the public- and social interests of

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Squatting as urban regeneration

In the Netherlands squatting was a considerable social force in the 1970s and 80s, and its impact on urban fabric continues… Tweet

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