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Greece: How Neo-Nazi gangs are targeting squats

On the night of September 17 2013, the Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P) and his friends sat in the local coffee shop Korali, in Keratsini, to the south of Athens. There was a football match on the TV. The

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Utrecht: Defend the Swamp

The state and the company Borghese are working hand in hand to turn the Swamp’s beautiful young forest into asphalt to then build a distribution centre and a bus remise, while there are alternative locations for these projects where the

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Amsterdam: Squatgroup Strekkerweg wins second courtcase

The squatters in Strekkerweg 81, Amsterdam Noord, have won their second court case. The owner, Lanvas Beleggingen, wanted the squatters out to replace them with start up companies. In their plans these companies would first get a kind of anti-squat

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