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Squatter’s Digest: Greek edition

Greece, the home of democracy. And molotov cocktails. They also enjoy regular cocktail nights to raise money for the squats and imprisoned anarchists. It’s one thing to know what is going on inside the UK with regards to squats, but

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Greece: How Neo-Nazi gangs are targeting squats

On the night of September 17 2013, the Greek rapper Pavlos Fyssas (Killah P) and his friends sat in the local coffee shop Korali, in Keratsini, to the south of Athens. There was a football match on the TV. The

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Greece: police raid three anarchist squats in Athens

At early hours of Monday March 12, a coordinated police operation to clear out three anarchist squats in central Athens has resulted in arrests and evictions of the properties. The three raided squats are Gare, Zaimi in Exarcheia and Matrozou.

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Statement of CityPlaza Squat Against the Threat of Eviction

City Plaza will not bend “Resist the immigration and passport bureaus the frightful flags of states and diplomacy war weapons factories” Michalis Katsaros The court order for the evacuation of the Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza is the latest scene

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Athens: City Plaza – List of General Needs

Around 400 refugees, among whom 170 babies and children, have found dignified housing at Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza. The invaluable solidarity and security network that has evolved around it allows us to provide everyone with 3 meals per day

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Exarchia: One Year Themistokleous 58 Squat

ONE YEAR THEMISTOKLEOUS 58 SQUAT On January 10th 2017, Themistokleous 58 Squat in Exarchia completed one year of activity. During this year our squat took a series of initiatives towards intensifying social war, and participated in numerous actions in support

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Call for participation in the Second Euromediterranean “Workers’ Economy” Meeting

Dear friends, we are very happy to organize in October at the occupied Viome factory an important international meeting that will bring together activists and workers of self-managed endeavours from all over Europe and the Mediterranean. http://euromedworkerseconomy.net/

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