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Rome: Update on Madalina’s situation

#Stand4Madalina _ 15/02 public assembly and press statement: we demand the Prefect to immediately withdraw the estrangement order! [We added: If you want to sign the petition you can find it on Fakebook] One month ago Madalina Gavrilescu, Romanian citizen

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Rome: Salvini campaigned for 22nd eviction of Baobab camp

[From Nov14] Baobab is one of many informal settlements in Rome and provided basic shelter to people who were forced out the system. Baobab was setup for the first time in 2015. Most people stayed only for a few days

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Interviews with squatted gyms in Palermo and Roma

FULL TRANSCRIBED INTERVIEW WITH CoNaSP TRAINERS GIULIO (Palestra Popolare Valetio Verbano) & LUIGI (Palestra Popolare Palermo) by Brighton Antifascists Tweet

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