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On activist research and critical knowledge production

On activist research and critical knowledge production An intervention by Galvão Debelle and Liliana López Abstract This short collection of interviews to the participants of the Antipode Workshop and to the Studies Network for Autonomy (Joan from Xarxa d’Estudis per

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BOOK REVIEW Seth Tobocman “War in the Neighborhood” 2nd Edition, Ad Astra Comix, 2016. Paperback.

“When will we have a movement that renovates people as well as buildings?” Seth Tobocman, War in the Neighborhood Ad Astra Comix, 2016 re-issue. Paperback. 328 pages. First published by Autonomedia, 2000. BOOK REVIEW by Alan W. Moore ((Download the

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London: Camelot HQ squatted

A few days ago the former Camelot Europe HQ, in Westland Park London N1 was squatted in protest against guardian companies’ anti-social profiteering from empty properties and homelessness. For those who don’t know, Camelot are the original “guardian” company, invented

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Short videos on activist research & squatting

These are some answers provided by those who attended the SqEK-Antipode conferences in Barcelona. These videos have not been produced by Trespass. Tweet

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