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[Crakow] Arrest and deportation of a student during the pro abortion rally

Solidarity with Ameer! Enough of the police state! Enough of racism and deportations! Last Monday Ameer Alkhawlany, a student in Crakow of Kurdish origin, was arrested by border police during the “Czarny marsz” (pro abortion rally). He is studying for

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[Poland] The first person is already released! We are still collecting funds (EN)

We are happy to inform you that the first of the 3 arrested was released! The other two are to leave jail the beginning of the next week.   Together we’ve managed to collect all the bail (60 thousands PLN) 

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Warsaw: Judge accepted bail release. Collecting funds NOW!

Today, September 14, during a court sitting concerning the complaint for prolonging the arrest of the 3 anarchists, a decision was made to release them on bail [regarding this case]. A fee of 20 thousand PLN (4600 euro) was set

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[Poland] We do not agree with the destruction of the ROD gardens!

We do not agree with the destruction of the ROD gardens! Warsaw, August 10th 2016 ROD is the name of a community garden project located in Warsaw city, Poland. It is cared for by a collective linked to the European

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