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Amsterdam: Antifa activists forced Generation Identity fascists to leave “squat”

Amsterdam: Antifa activists forced Generation Identity fascists to leave “squat” Netherlands: Generation Identity fascists claimed to have squatted an apartment next to the “We Are Here” refugee squats in Amsterdam. Squatted or not, the fascists had to leave after antifa

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Undocumented – a letter to de groene amsterdammer

Thanks for the extended article about the parallel world of undocumented fellow towns-men. Chris Keulemans sketches in the article a pretty complete image of the world in which people without documents try to live, both the daily reality as well

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Squatting against oppression: how refugees are fighting back against border controls

After surviving the perilous journey to Europe, migrants are met with two seemingly opposite responses. Increasingly, European governments are criminalising migration, militarising borders and expanding detention centres. Meanwhile, non-government organisations (NGOs) are reaching out to migrants offering food, clothes and

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Squatting as urban regeneration

In the Netherlands squatting was a considerable social force in the 1970s and 80s, and its impact on urban fabric continues… Tweet

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Amsterdam: We Are Here refugees squat building on Amstelstraat 29-31

Amsterdam, 24 december 2016 – Today, we, a Swahili subgroup of the refugee action collective We Are Here, squatted a building on the Amstelstraat 29-31. We had no other option because we were evicted from our previous location at the

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We Are Here squat two new places in Amsterdam

Today, Sunday, September 18th, We Are Here (Wij Zijn Hier) squatted two buildings on Burgemeester Roelstraat 70 (for women) and Rijswijkstraat 2 (for men). We squatted these buildings cracked because the Vluchtgemeente squat, where many of us stay, will be

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